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Here you can learn about the company and what our mission and vision is. You will also find our code of conduct here by which we abide by.

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If you are not sure where to get what from us or you can't find anything related to an event then don't hesitate to contact our team members.

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Every event we do takes some spectacular planning to make it successful most importantly to have the correct equipment and these guys help us do it.

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Here you can learn about what we are doing this year and other events that we have coming up. There are always some local events and then the World event.

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If you require some documents from us in regards to events happening like registration papers then this is the place you are most likely going to find it in.

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We are an NGO and want to make South Africa proud. Therefor any donation would be helping us achieving just that! (Coming Soon!)


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World Rescue Organisation

The World Rescue Organisation is committed to improving technical rescue standards by bringing together rescue and medical services throughout the World to develop and share essential post incident skills and knowledge. In doing so the WRO is contributing to the reduction of unintentional injuries and the promotion of gold standards for combined rescue and medical care.


SAMRO, as a Non-Profit-Organization we plan to integrate corporate support into public service by subsidizing training costs with sponsorship and donations. SAMRO provides first responders with state of the art training information in new vehicle rescue theories and by standardizing the existing training techniques. Vehicle manufacturers improve on design, construction, and safety components every day.

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