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General Information

  • Sep 22 / 2014
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General Information

Welcome to the home of South African Medical Rescue Organization.

SAMRO is a Level 1 Member of the World Rescue Organization **

SAMRO is an educational organization with a mission of  “Prepare today’s rescuers…to succeed at tomorrow’s challenges”.

SAMRO has identified one key element to improve the outcome of vehicle crashes. We focus our support on civilian drivers who stop and render aide, the occupants involved in the motor vehicle crash (MVC), and the rescuers who respond to their call for help.

We focus on public education & awareness for the general population.  By supporting people how to identify why accidents happen and what they can do to prevent them will help SAMRO accomplish its mission by reducing the number of MVCs in the first place.  However, SAMRO realizes that prevention will only go so far and training for rescuers is imperative to its success.

SAMRO, as a Non-Profit-Organization we plan to integrate corporate support into public service by subsidizing training costs with sponsorship and donations.  SAMRO provides first responders with state of the art training information in new vehicle rescue theories and by standardizing the existing training techniques.  Vehicle manufacturers improve on design, construction, and safety components every day. Our mission is to bring this information to the first responder to increase proficiency and ultimately save lives.

SAMRO realizes it is not alone in its commitment to saving lives which is why SAMRO is an organizational member of, and networks with, the World Rescue Organization (WRO). The WRO is an international organization whose goal is to improve new vehicle hazard awareness to reduce secondary injuries to patients and rescuers.

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